Mr. Osman Ashraf


At MIA the ideas are developed into solutions and executed by planning to provide comfort and solace to our customers. The power of technology and human intelligence is interwoven to produce new products and over the past years, we have always focused on delivering the best quality products, services and values that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Our growth during the last decade needs shall continue to the next decade and beyond. And for that we have to be leader growing with customers. The “Mutual Respect and Customer Value Creation” is our company widely shared-value.

In this competitive and tough economic era where resources are not abundant rather limited; the latent talent that lies in all of us must rise to the surface. We have to work harder and smarter, eliminate waste and inefficiencies; communicate better among ourselves; learn to resolve internal conflicts through meaningful dialogue.

Let us be concerned less of our self and about egos we have. We should be more concerned to serve the needs of every individual in our organization. What is value addition to ours being? It is building of our character and personal refinement. Remember always,

“To us success is not a destination, it is a continuous journey and we have to be on it”Let’s pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY to give us strength and courage to make MIA a “Spectrum of light”. Ameen!